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Rutile-cellulosic Welding Electrodes Rods Stainless Steel High Quality for Mild

Rutile-cellulosic Welding Electrodes Rods Stainless Steel High Quality for Mild

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Especially suitable for welding in sheets thinner than 5 mm, galvanized sheets and tubes, primer painted, painted and slightly rusty steels and in production of tanks and boilers, tube installations. Very easily operated in positional welding, including vertically-down. Good gap-bridging. Smooth arc, well suited for tack-welding due to its easy arc striking and re-striking properties. Possible to use equally well both with AC and DC. Welds are smooth, slightly concave and blending into base metal without undercutting.

Rod electrode: E 38 0 RC 11 EN ISO 2560-A AWS: A 5.1: E 6013 Coating: rutil cellulose

RUTILE-CELLULOSIC TYPE ? AWS: E6013 / EN ISO: E 38 0 RC 1 1 Electrodes for a variety of steel constructions on site The thin coated rutile/cellulosic cover provides: » Very good arc striking behaviour » Very intensive arc » Good penetration » Easy to weld in all positions

Applications: Welded joints in steel construction, vehicle construction, container and boiler construction and shipbuilding on unalloyed steels such as St. 33 ? St. 52, boiler plate H I ? H III, 17MN4, GS 38 - GS 52.

Rutile-cellulosic coated general-purpose electrode for structural steelwork, workshop and maintenance welding, specially suited for vertical-down welding and tack-welds. Good gap bridging. Can be uséd on galvanized, primer painted and slightly rusted parts. In assembly welding, this electrode can be uséd with the same current setting in all positions. Smooth, slightly concave welds blending into base metal without undercut. Slag in most cases self-releasing. Efficiency 100%.

The characteristics of these electrodes are ideal for outdoor welding under adverse conditions. They can be uséd anywhere; even with simple welding equipment. Due to the intensive arc, they can be uséd to weld zinc-coated material or plates with paint or primer residuals.

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