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Nylon Wall Plugs M6-M12 + L Shape Square Screws Hook Wall Hanger Pack: 2, 5 or 1

Nylon Wall Plugs M6-M12 + L Shape Square Screws Hook Wall Hanger Pack: 2, 5 or 1

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This set includes heavy duty L-shaped hook screws crafted from high strength zinc plated steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The hooks feature a sharp screw end for easy installation and an L shape design for supporting a considerable amount of weight. The included wall plugs, also known as rawl plugs, ensure a snug and secure fit in the wall, providing excellent stability for your hung items.

Installation Guide: Installing the L-shaped hook screws is straightforward. Start by drilling a hole in the wall at the desired location. Insert the wall plug into the hole, ensuring a tight fit. Then, align the screw end of the hook with the plug and screw it in until the base is flush against the wall. The process creates a strong holding point for your items, with the L shape providing ample support.

Product Functionality: The L-shaped hook screws come with compatible rawl plugs for seamless installation into walls. The L shape provides a stable hook for items to be placed onto, while the screw end is easily driven into pre-drilled holes, followed by the wall plug to ensure a secure mount. Ideal for heavy-duty hanging tasks, these hooks are perfect for organising tools, hanging planters, or securing outdoor decorations.

Common Uses: The L-shaped hook screws with wall plugs are designed for robust and secure hanging applications in homes, garages, and workshops. Commonly used for mounting shelves, hanging tools, garden equipment, or securing outdoor fixtures, these hooks provide a strong anchor for heavy-duty tasks. They are versatile enough to be used on various wall materials, including drywall, concrete, and brick.

Product Specifications: Our L-shaped hook screws are engineered for heavy-duty use, complete with robust wall plugs for a secure installation. The package includes multiple screws and plugs, each designed to support a substantial amount of weight. The hooks are suitable for various wall types and come in sizes to accommodate different weights and sizes of items you wish to hang, making them an essential tool for effective wall organisation and hanging solutions.

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