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Heavy Duty Metal Self-Drill Rawl Plugs Wall Anchor Fixing for Plasterboard, Drywall, Study Walls

Heavy Duty Metal Self-Drill Rawl Plugs Wall Anchor Fixing for Plasterboard, Drywall, Study Walls

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Secure your heavy-duty wall hangings with confidence using our Heavy Duty Metal Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings. These plugs are the perfect solution for hanging shelves, cabinets or flat-screen TVs with ease and security. Our self-drilling wall plugs eliminate the need for pre-drilling, making the installation quick and hassle-free. Crafted from high-quality metal, these wall anchors provide an incredibly firm hold in plasterboard, drywall and gypsum, ensuring your items stay securely mounted.

Product Uses: Hanging heavy objects like shelves, cabinets, and mirrors on plasterboard walls. Securely mounting fixtures in areas where standard plugs fail. Anchoring in hollow or solid plaster, drywall, and gypsum board. Professional installation of wall-mounted systems such as TVs or sound systems. Can be used on plasterboard, chipboard to fix electrical boxes, sanitary ceramics, decor, light shelves, cable ducts, frames, bathroom accessories, sockets, light switches and electrical fittings.

Self-drilling design: No pre-drilling is required, which saves time and effort during installation. Made from robust metal, these fixings are built to support substantial weight and provide long-lasting durability. These wall plugs can be used on various plaster-based materials, making them ideal for a wide range of projects. The advanced anchor system ensures a tight grip within the wall, reducing the risk of pullout or failure. All in one self-drilling anchor for securing to plasterboard.

QUALITY: Metal Plasterboard Fixings are the easiest way to fix to plasterboard and stronger than the plasterboard itself. They're extremely durable and can be used on internal locations. They have a sharp, self-tapping thread enabling safe and re-usable fixing. You will not need any special setting tool and there is no preliminary drilling necessary. There is a 7kg weight loading capacity on 9.5mm plasterboard, 8kg for 12.5mm. BASE MATERIALS: Plasterboards, Gypsum Fibreboards, Chipboard.

Installation is a breeze – simply screw the self-drilling anchor directly into your plasterboard wall at the desired location. Once in place, the fixings expand to create a sturdy dowel that can bear the weight of your heavy items without the fear of collapse or wall damage. Trust our Heavy Duty Metal Self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings to keep everything exactly where you want it, safely and securely. Order now and experience the ultimate solution in wall anchors and heavy-duty fixings.

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