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M10 - 10mm HEX Hexagon Head Coach Screws Lag Bolts Wood Screws Zinc DIN 571

M10 - 10mm HEX Hexagon Head Coach Screws Lag Bolts Wood Screws Zinc DIN 571

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Hex-Head Wood screws also known as Lag Bolts. 
10mm Diameter Shank
17mm Spanner / Socket 
These are used to support heavier loads than a standard wood screw and require a pilot hole unlike some woodscrews, 
hex head wood screws are more suitable than a standard wood-screw when a large amount of torque is required.

Wood screw thread acc. to DIN 7998.
Driving features: Hexagon
Head shape: Hexagon head
Material: Steel
Surface treatment : Zinc plated

NF E25-607
DIN 571

Metric DIN 571 hex head lag screw bolts are heavy duty wood screws usually used to attach lumber to lumber or lumber to
to masonry. Commonly used in deck and dock construction. Pre-drilling is recommended to prevent splitting. They are
generally much larger in size than standard wood screws.

Din 571 is the standard for Hexagonal head wood screw and is similar to UNI 704

Coach Screws
10mm Diameter Shank
17mm Spanner / Socket 
For use with Wood and Masonry with a Nylon Plug. 
CE Approved. A pilot hole maybe required when being used with certain hardwoods.
A hexagon head wood screws which is mostly used in wood and with nylon plugs. 
Conforms to DIN 571 standard. It is zinc plated and passivated.
Length is taken from underneath the hexagonal head.
Zinc Plated
DIN571 standard
Made in Europe
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