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DIYUK Torx Wafer Head Self Tapping Wood Screws for Timber Sleepers Railway Decking

DIYUK Torx Wafer Head Self Tapping Wood Screws for Timber Sleepers Railway Decking

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Durable Construction: These DIYUK screws are designed with a robust construction, perfect for securing wood and timber decking or railway sleepers. The long length ensures a strong hold, providing added stability and longevity to your projects.

Wafer Head Design: Featuring a wafer head, these screws offer a sleek, low-profile finish. This design minimises the risk of splitting the wood, making them ideal for decking and other timber applications where a clean, professional look is essential.

Torx Drive for Enhanced Grip: Equipped with a Torx drive, these screws deliver superior grip and reduced cam-out, allowing for easier and more efficient installation. The Torx drive ensures that the screw remains securely in place, even under heavy loads.

Versatile Application: These screws are versatile and suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects, including securing railway sleepers, garden decking, and other timber constructions. Their high-quality construction ensures they can handle both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rust-Resistant Finish: DIYUK screws come with a rust-resistant finish, making them perfect for outdoor use. This protective coating ensures that your screws remain free from corrosion, maintaining the structural integrity of your wood and timber projects over time.


High Quality wafer head screws replace coach screws and enable you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier and stronger. There is no need to pre-drill as its sharp point and aggressive threads zip right in to the densest woods. Use in timber decking, stairs, fencing, roofing and all kinds of landscaping.
Coated in a special environmentally friendly protection. This yellow zinc coat is perfect for outdoor use, it is able to resist everything from rain, hot weather and the cold.
A TORX drive provides maximum torque transfer whilst reducing ?cam-out? and the large flat washer head offers greater tightening force (even in warped boards) and increased pull through resistance than a countersunk or small hex head fixing. The recessed drive and flat head profile is also more attractive if the fixings are visible.
Heavy duty wafer head screws designed for decking, stairs, fencing, roofing & landscaping.

The new generation of coach screws.
These screws will drive directly into most timbers without a pilot hole.
Wafer head low profile head offers high clamping force.
Helix on screw shank to remove debris.
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