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Keyless Combination Security Locking Bolt

Keyless Combination Security Locking Bolt

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4 Digit Combination Slide Keyless Lock Security Pad Bolt Garden Door Shed Gate
With our 4 wheel recordable combination locking bolt, you can pick your preferred code from 10,000 different combinations. And the code can be called smoothly. The security comes with the ease of setting and resetting your combination code without any hassle. You do not need bring many keys and replace locks as it uses a digital password method. This recordable combination locking bolt adds 4 digit pin code to the general door slide latch lock, give high quality security for indoor and outdoor applications.
Bolt code lock is made of zinc alloy and it's durable and weather resistant all year round, the body has a rust resistant coating so that it's waterproof and the barrel bolt dials are chrome plated. The combination sliding lock comes with pick-resistant dials, diameter 10mm solid steel sliding bolt, and one-way security 20mm screws. The one-way screws are designed to turn only one way when using screwdriver. This deadlock is constructed of solid metal and installs in minutes with the one way screws included with the lock. The body of this locking device also has a rust resistant coating and will last for years to come 

With dimension of 123x48x40mm (4.84 x 1.89 x 1.57in), the combination door code bolt is easy to fit and mount in the most compact space. From safeguarding your sheds, barns, cabinets, doors, iron gates, wooden gates, fences, or windows. It's the perfect locking choice for indoor and outdoor environments. It is the perfect locking solution for gates, sheds, barns, fences, iron gates, wooden gates, as well as childproofing cupboards in your home and workshop. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications such as gates, sheds, windows and doors.

Setting the combination code: All locks are supplied with the factory opening code 0-0-0-0.
The combination can only be set/changed when the knob is placed at the end of the square recess on the slide rail, not in normal open/close sliding mode of the security bolt.
Set your personal code and write it down on the box provided so you do not forget it!
  1. Slide the bolt knob to the open end of the square recess of the slide rail, then pull out the spring loaded knob and move it over the two small metal tabs in the slide rail until it locks. Set your combination and repeat as needed.
  2. The security code can only be changed/reset when the correct digit code has been used to open the lock and steps 1-2 have been followed.
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