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Heavy Duty Galvanised Bolt Down Square Post Fence Foot Base Support Bracket

Heavy Duty Galvanised Bolt Down Square Post Fence Foot Base Support Bracket

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Ensure your garden fencing stands strong with our Heavy Duty Galvanised Bolt Down Square Post Fence Foot Base Support. Crafted from high-quality metal, this robust bracket is designed to anchor fence posts securely to concrete surfaces. This essential fencing component prevents wooden post rot and provides a stable base, making it perfect for garden fencing projects or any outdoor area requiring sturdy support. Supporting fence posts in garden and property fencing projects.

Our fence foot base support is galvanised for maximum durability, resisting rust and corrosion. The square bracket design guarantees a snug fit for standard posts, ensuring your fence remains upright and secure through harsh weather conditions. This heavy-duty support is an ideal solution for both setting up new fences and for the repair of existing ones, offering a long-lasting base for your fencing needs. Securing metal or wooden posts to concrete or other hard surfaces.

Installation is a breeze with our bolt down support bracket. Simply position the bracket where needed and use bolts to fasten it firmly onto concrete or other solid surfaces. The pre-drilled holes in the base allow for quick and easy attachment, saving you time and effort. This bracket not only provides reliable post support but also elevates the post away from ground moisture, extending the life of your fence. Reinforcement for existing fencing structures requiring additional stability.

Designed for versatility, our fence foot base support can be used with a variety of post materials, including wood and metal. Whether you're constructing a new fence for your garden or securing posts for a commercial fencing project, this bracket is the ideal choice. The galvanised finish ensures that it blends seamlessly with your fencing, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property. Utilising in both residential and commercial property boundaries for enhanced durability.

Tackle repairs with confidence using our square post fence foot base support. This bracket serves as an excellent reinforcement for weakened or damaged posts, eliminating the need for costly replacements. The solid construction and easy bolt-on application make it a go-to for property owners and contractors alike. Invest in a reliable fencing base that delivers stability and peace of mind. Repairing damaged fence posts without the need for complete replacement.

This square post foot can support the base of fence, pergola, gazebo, carport timber posts. It features a specially designed round shape, by which the timber post can be protected from rotting by being elevated off the ground. The square shape post support not only protects the post but also the 2mm thickness ensures structural stability of your structure. The item is suitable for supporting fences. The anchor post also is also suitable for building wooden structures and wooden fences and the assembly of wooden beams. The product is suitable wherever stability plays an important role. Our square post supports provide the kind of post anchoring which ensures the timber post is protected against the attack of termites and moisture. It provides a quick and affordable method of fastening timber posts to the concrete surface. Additionally, the galvanised finish of the post support makes it rust resistant so that it can withstand any weather conditions. The post support is characterised by top quality. The choice of materials from which it is made ensures the life of the ground anchor. The carrier can be used outdoors. The best fabric from which the carrier was made protects the product from external factors such as rainfall and snow. Provides an extremely secure mounting for all common post sizes. Designed to be bolted down to a flat hard surface. Galvanised for outdoor protection. Coat applied by immersing the object in melted zinc heated up to the temperature of about 450 C. Obtained thickness of coating amounts to 80-90 um, no less than 60 um. Such a thick layer protection is recommended for products exposed to long-lasting influence of moisture, particularly for products to be used in a garden. Such coating may be covered with decorative paints suitable for galvanised (zinc-coated) surfaces. The post holder is made from material that protects against scratching, bending and mechanical damage.The surface has been hot-dip galvanised, so resistance to rust is increased.
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