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Galvanised Post Support Foot Bracket Open Shoe Heavy Duty for Fence Fixing

Galvanised Post Support Foot Bracket Open Shoe Heavy Duty for Fence Fixing

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Elevate your fence with our premium galvanised post support bracket. Designed for easy installation and exceptional durability, this metal support bracket is perfect for securing fence posts in concrete, ensuring a sturdy and long lasting construction. The innovative design eliminates the need for traditional digging and concrete pouring, saving you time and effort during installation. Our post support bracket is a reliable and efficient solution for your fencing projects.

Key Features: Heavy-duty galvanised construction for maximum corrosion resistance; Provides strong support for fence posts in concrete; Ideal for both professional and DIY applications; Ensures a sturdy and durable fence structure. Benefits: Saves time and effort during installation; Offers superior resistance to rust and corrosion; Provides reliable support for fence posts; Eliminates the need for traditional digging and concrete pouring; Creates a solid foundation for a long-lasting fence.

Post support used for the installation of timber elements with concrete. It ensures adequate expansion of the wood from the substrate. Using two supports allows placing a rectangular post in these supports and to adapt them to the post’s width. The use of a single support allows the pole to be mounted at the wall. Mounting - Wood: ANCHOR ring nails ø4; ANW Torx20 socket screws; wood screws – CTO ø10; coach screws PWD ø10; concrete: ring anchors PBK M10, M12; concrete screw PBW ø10,5.

Material: Steel DX51D is a European standard, galvanised with 51 steel coil raw materials. DX51D+Z275 refers to hot-dip galvanising. Hot-dip galvanising is coated with a layer of zinc. 275 represents 275 grams of zinc. The substrate used in hot-dip galvanising is cold-rolled, and the zinc plating on the cold-rolled sheet is called galvanising. Ordinary hot-dip galvanising is 80 grams. 140 and 275 are high zinc layers, and the purpose of hot-dip galvanising is to prevent the steel from rusting.

Our post support is made from high-quality galvanised steel. This means your fencing will stand strong for years to come, no matter the elements it faces. Made with durable galvanised steel for maximum strength and longevity. Corrosion Resistant: Galvanised finish protects against rust and weather damage, keeping your fence looking great over time. Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of fencing projects, including garden, agricultural, and security fences.
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