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Multi Purpose Wood Screws Yellow Zinc Passivated Woodscrews Outdoor Decking with Pozi Head - Durable and Versatile for All Your Outdoor Projects

Multi Purpose Wood Screws Yellow Zinc Passivated Woodscrews Outdoor Decking with Pozi Head - Durable and Versatile for All Your Outdoor Projects

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Introducing our high-quality Multi-Purpose Yellow Zinc Passivated Wood Screws, specifically designed for outdoor decking and other wood projects. These screws are crafted with durability and reliability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding outdoor environments. 

These screws offer excellent corrosion resistance, protecting them from rust and deterioration caused by exposure to moisture, rain, and varying weather conditions. The yellow zinc passivated coating provides an additional layer of protection, enhancing their resistance to corrosion even further.

Equipped with a Pozi head design, these screws offer superior torque transfer and reduced slippage during installation. The cross-shaped recess, combined with the small ribs, ensures a secure and tight grip, preventing stripping and allowing for efficient driving into wood surfaces.

Our wood screws come in a range of lengths and diameters, accommodating various wood thicknesses and project requirements. Whether you're constructing a deck, building outdoor furniture, or engaging in other woodworking projects, these versatile screws are an ideal choice.

They are specifically engineered for easy insertion into wood, thanks to their sharp point and coarse threads. Additionally, the screws feature a multi-purpose design, making them suitable for a wide range of applications beyond decking, such as fencing, pergolas, and garden structures.

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Pre-drilling pilot holes is recommended to prevent wood splitting, especially near the edges or when working with hardwoods. By using these high-quality screws, you can ensure a secure and reliable connection between wood components, providing structural integrity and longevity to your outdoor projects.

Invest in our Multi-Purpose Yellow Zinc Passivated Wood Screws with Pozi Head today and experience the convenience, durability, and performance they offer.


Sizes: 2.5mm x 10mm, 2.5mm x 16mm, 2.5mm x 20mm

Sizes: 3.0mm x 10mm, 3.0mm x 16mm, 3.0mm x 20mm, 3.0mm x 25mm, 3.0mm x 30mm

Sizes: 3.5mm x 13mm, 3.5mm x 16mm, 3.5mm x 20mm, 3.5mm x 25mm, 3.5mm x 30mm, 3.5mm x 35mm, 3.5mm x 40mm

Sizes: 4.0mm x 13mm, 4.0mm x 16mm, 4.0mm x 20mm, 4.0mm x 30mm, 4.0mm x 35mm, 4.0mm x 40mm, 4.0mm x 45mm, 4.0mm x 50mm

Sizes: 4.5mm x 16mm, 4.5mm x 25mm, 4.5mm x 30mm, 4.5mm x 35mm, 4.5mm x 40mm, 4.0mm x 60mm

Sizes: 5.0mm x 20mm, 5.0mm x 25mm, 5.0mm x 30mm, 5.0mm x 35mm, 5.0mm x 40mm, 5.0mm x 45mm, 5.0mm x 50mm

Sizes: 6.0mm x 30mm, 6.0mm x 40mm, 6.0mm x 50mm

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