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Confirmat Screw Screws For Wood Chipboard Flat Pack Furniture Fitting 5 6.4 7 mm

Confirmat Screw Screws For Wood Chipboard Flat Pack Furniture Fitting 5 6.4 7 mm

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Confirmat screws are designed specifically for use in furniture & carcass assembly. They have a very coarse, sharp angled thread which helps the screws to cut into MDF & chipboard materials. Confirmat screws are particularly effective for right angle butt joints. There are specific Confirmat drills which are recommended for pre-drilling. This will ensure the holes are the perfect size and will stop the wood from splitting. Confirmat screws are widely used in flat pack furniture.

In addition to their robustness, confirmat screws are characterised by their relatively large diameter. On the market there are both fully threaded or partially threaded bolts. In the latter case, the smooth part of the screw usually covers no more than approx. 1/3 of the screw length.

5.0mm x 40mm ; 5.0mm x 50mm ; 6.4mm x 50mm ; 7.0mm x 50mm

Confirmats are commonly used to join chipboard, plywood, but also other wooden elements. They are suitable for rigidly joining wooden elements at right angles. Confirmats are also used by do-it-yourselfers to make various clever constructions on their own. Their use is extremely versatile, so together with a skilful handyman's eye they are suitable for many assembly jobs.
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