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Heavy Duty 2mm Galvanised Steel Angle Bracket - Metal Corner Braces for Joining, Bracing, and Reinforcing

Heavy Duty 2mm Galvanised Steel Angle Bracket - Metal Corner Braces for Joining, Bracing, and Reinforcing

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Elevate your construction projects with our heavy duty galvanised steel angle braces. These versatile metal corner brackets are engineered for strength, providing reliable support for a variety of applications including joining, bracing, and reinforcing. Crafted from robust steel, these brackets are ideal for securing plates, sleepers, joists, and more. With their galvanised coating, they offer exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Key Features:
- Heavy duty galvanised steel construction
- Versatile design for joining, bracing, and reinforcing
- Ideal for securing plates, sleepers, joists, and more
- Corrosion resistant for lasting durability
- Engineered for strength and reliability
Bring unmatched strength to your projects with our heavy-duty galvanised steel angle braces today.

Brackets can be used both during the construction of carpentry structures and the production of furniture. They are one of the most universal connectors due to the dense mesh of holes, which greatly facilitates assembly work. No embossing on the brackets which allows their use both from the inside and outside. The use of appropriate dimensions will make the connections rigid and durable. Made of steel grade DX51D with Z275 hot-dip zinc coating, which ensures their corrosion resistance.

The corner brace allow you to combine different type of wood or wood with concrete and various types of construction materials. They allow for easier and quicker assembly work - reducing the cross-section of wood by eliminating groove and jams, which saves on structural material. Reinforced angle brackets are suitable for structural applications in timber and steel framed structures.
Fastening of small trusses.
Cladding plates, cladding uprights.
Rafter anchors, cantilevers, headers, etc.

Galvanised angle brackets, also known as galvanised steel angle braces, are versatile and durable hardware components commonly used in construction, woodworking, and various DIY projects. These brackets are designed for providing structural support, reinforcement, and stability to a wide range of applications:
Construction Projects: Galvanised angle brackets are used in construction to reinforce joints, secure framing elements, provide support to structures such as decks, pergolas, and framing.

Woodworking: Brackets are popular in woodworking for joining and reinforcing corners, particularly in furniture making, shelving, and cabinetry.
Outdoor Projects: Due to their galvanised coating, brackets are suitable for outdoor use and are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for applications such as fencing, gates, or outdoor furniture.
Industrial Applications: Galvanised angle brackets are also used in industrial settings for securing heavy equipment, machinery, and structural components.
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